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Define Eczema

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Infants eczema or Baby Eczema has been commonly observed in babies approximately 2 to 18 months old. These lesions show up on the arms, legs, face and rarely as diaper rashes. The rashes are usually chapped and scaly, with tiny red colored bumps, oozing and blistering. The condition is extremely itchy and painful. It is very common in infants these days.

Infant eczema causes have been widely discussed only to find that it could appear possibly due to some irritants or allergens present or due to respiratory allergies like asthma, hay fever or similar conditions. There are some topical irritants too, such as synthetic fibers, lotions, perfumes, lotions, laundry detergents and soaps.

Reflux or food triggers are also considered to be a common cause of eczema.


Symptoms and Treatment for Eczema in Infants and Babies

Combination of a Healthy Approach - Best Treatment for Baby Eczema

Infant Eczema Causes


Symptoms of Eczema in Infants and Babies

The symptoms of eczema in babies are easy to diagnose. However, there are times when mothers might simply overlook thinking that it is a mere rash growth.


What is the Best Eczema Treatment in Babies and  Infants?

There is no defined best treatment for eczema in infants. It is rather a combination of a healthy approach that will help in eliminating the condition. Some of the major points to be noted here are:


Certain Things to be Avoided

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