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What are the Different Signs and Symptoms of Eczema in Babies, Toddlers, Children, Adults and Pregnant Women?

If the baby develops some allergic reactions, proper attention should be paid to the skin and a careful skin care routine should be created. The symptoms in babies are usually itchy and flaky skin, redness, swelling and patches.  

While chances are that it might appear on any body part, eczema is commonly seen on the cheeks, joints of legs and arms in babies.

Babies and Infants Eczema Symptoms

In case of infants, eczema is often confused with any red swelling or rash or cradle crap. Although the early signs are the same, there is a difference in the overall formation of these conditions.

Toddlers and Children Eczema Symptoms

Eczema in children is almost the same as that of the condition in babies. However, in case of children, the condition is likely to be more widespread and severe. Eczema causes in children could be due to various contributing factors, such as chemicals, clothing, food allergens, psychological factors and environmental hazards.  The symptoms of eczema in children can include reddened skin, hot and itchy skin, inflammation, flaky or dry skin, rough skin, patchy skin, blisters and oozing bumps.


In adults, the symptoms of eczema are unusually itchy with flaking skin. The other symptoms remain the same as in case of children, with thickening and cracking skin being very common.

Adults Eczema Symptoms

Symptoms of eczema are quite common in babies, children, adults and pregnant women. This typical skin disease is terribly itchy, painful and leads to severe infections as well. Eczema in children has been very common, and more so in babies wearing nappies or diapers. Babies usually suffer from the typical eczema type called atopic eczema. It is common hereditary condition that tends to affect babies when they are 2 to 3 months old.

Pregnancy Eczema Symptoms

The most common type of eczema in pregnant women is atopic eczema.  It is a very common chronic skin condition.  The skin is likely to be dry and itchy and in severe cases can get reddened skin.  If you have pregnancy eczema, most likely your raging pregnancy hormones are making your skin condition worse or better, in some cases.  Ensuring a right treatment for your eczema during pregnancy is vital.  Make sure the treatment cream or products are safe for you and your baby before consuming it.  Check with your practitioner if your have any concerns.

Babies and Infants Eczema Symptoms Toddlers and Children Eczema Symptoms What are the Different Signs and Symptoms of Eczema in Babies, Toddlers, Children, Adults and Pregnant Women?

Parents have to understand what is eczema and how exactly it should be dealt with. In most of the cases where babies are concerned, the symptoms of eczema and its outbreak are usually difficult to deal with.

Adults Eczema Symptoms Pregnancy Eczema Symptoms

Parts of Body Affected by Eczema :

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